Hello Beautiful

I feel healthier today than I was 25 years ago. Instead of being confused and overwhelmed, I am happy, confident and motivated to share my story with you.

I am here to bring hope and inspiration to those who are where I was a few years ago.

The Lifetime Wellness Center of Newnan has been helping men, women and young people live a healthier life from France to Newnan, Georgia since 2015.

I am here to help you achieve your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals. Let’s talk about how I can help you live a healthier, longer and more self-driven life. Take control of your body and make an appointment today at Lifetime Wellness Center of Newnan.


We can have EVERYTHING in the world, BUT if we don't have our HEALTH, we have nothing.

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My Mission

If you are at the stage of wanting to kick-start your level-up journey or progress further and feel like you could use some guidance, then look no further.

You did it!

My mission is to make your process as smooth as possible, to be by your side always, to support you, answer all your questions and to work with you. I promise that I won’t give up on you.

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Never give up too early, great things take time. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. I dedicated years to learning and establishing my goals to help me achieve my dream self and lifestyle. And I want the same for you.

Take advantage and request your initial 15-minute consultation now.

Food is your medicine, or your poison

My Story

Lifetime wellness center of Newnan opened in 2015 with the focus of helping people lose weight (using the Ideal Protein Protocol) and learn how to keep it off. Through the years, Michèle has sadly noticed that it was easy to lose weight; the hard part was to make sure to keep it off in a long term. 

Today, LWCN is more focused on helping people, learn and enjoy, eating clean whole food meals, snacks, and drinks with the focus of lowering inflammation, detoxing the body, and understanding the difference between inflammatory versus anti-inflammatory foods. Michèle’s Moto is that “Food can be our Medicine or our Poison.”

We all know that finding balance in life will help us improve our overall health and wellbeing. Too often we put too much effort on one or two aspects of what influences a “balanced life”, and we fail to see the other aspects. Add to Lifetime Wellness Center, Michele helps you find balance by first focusing on eating real food.  WHY? If you research what all the essential aspects of a balanced life, you will find all kind of answers, and it can be overwhelming. Where do I start? Michèle starts by helping you make simple little changes personalized to your personal habits and tastes for food. 

It never fails!  

Once you feed your body real food, you start feeling better quickly and all the other aspects of a balanced life start improving too!

  •  You have more energy
  • With more energy we feel like being more active
  • Because we are more active, we start to have better quality sleep and get up more rested
  • When we sleep better, we are more prepared for any stressful situations the day will present to us

we will find the right plan for you

Pick Your Way

You deserve options that will fit your lifestyle.

During our initial consultation, you’ll have the option to choose between two programs.

The lifestyle program called Shred10 offers a lasting solution tailored for life, while the scientifically developed program called Idea Protein focuses on boosting weight loss, especially if faced with a plateau. I always recommend starting with lifestyle, but the choice is yours based on your preferences and goals.


Big Challenge: First Step

You already did the first step! Setting up your mind to your goal is the crucial first step. Research and preparation are key to embark on a successful journey towards improved health and well-being.

Establish Goals

I dedicated years to learning and establishing my goals to help me achieve my dream self and lifestyle. The first step is to understand yourself and your goal.


Transformation. From day one to the days and weeks after you achieve your goals, I will be here for you.

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